we are guided by a special commitment to integrity, responsibility and ethics.

Long-standing experience and knowledge

Our team boasts many years of rich experience in tourism and agency industry. Thanks to years of dedicated work, we have developed reliable business relationships and a knowledgeable approach to the needs of every business traveler. We give detailed recommendations on a number of existing opportunities, all based on detailed knowledge of the tourism industry. Clients can always count on our professional support and advice, whether it is a local trip or an overseas event.

Transparency and compliance with clients and partners

We are committed to a coprehensive and transparent business approach and to providing complete, honest, timely and relevant information. In order for the service we provide to be at a level of excellence, we are guided by a special commitment to integrity, responsibility and ethics. Ethical business conduct is key to creating a healthy and fair general environment.

At Pro Putuj Agency, we strive for the highest standards of ethics and compliance with internal policies and external laws and regulations. As the main guideline in business, we always emphasize compliance with the goals of our clients.

Tracking trends

We like to boast that we are experts who follow trends, undergo constant training and use the latest technology to provide clients with the best travel opportunities. We are working on new and excellent travel management platforms. We are constantly interested in and improving through studying literature, reading blogs and participating in various webinars, conferences and workshops.

One-stop Shop // business and private travel

After business trips, we will be happy to accommodate you with a vacation to distant, warm places, or to skiing resorts with friends, or a weekend vacation to a new and interesting destination.

Safety - (Covid-19 and high awareness while traveling/travel awareness)

The world changes daily, and it is very important to stay safe and healthy while traveling. We can and will always provide useful travel tips for countries all around the world, which are related to safety, local laws and customs, entry requirements, natural disasters, political situations, health warnings (including the latest information on coronavirus), information about crime, as well as what to do if an unwanted situation occurs.

We are regularly informed in detail about every situation related to Covid-19 and advise our clients in accordance with all the information available to us. The goal is to act responsibly at all stages of planning and carrying out business trips and events.

To make your travel and business easier by taking care of your safety in these challenging times, we follow all the news and information related to the pandemic with the utmost attention.

Information sources we follow: